Hello World

I’m Abhirath Batra, working as an Engineer in Azure Networking at Microsoft. In trying to figure out my path in life, I’v worked on an assortment of things, connected by the thread of Computer Science.

  • In college, I was in a dual degree program with a Computer Science major and Research focus on Computational Natural Sciences.
  • My research and Masters’ Thesis is in Computational Biology. I worked on Enhanced Sampling in Molecular Dynamics Simulations. I applied to grad school and almost made it.
  • So I started out as a Junior Research Fellow at TIFR Hyderabad, where I worked on using ML to relate genetic and environmental factors to addiction. I applied to grad school again and got rejected again. I figured, time to move to industry.
  • I started out work at Elucidata, a start-up solving for data driven Drug-Target Discovery. I worked in a variety of roles including Data and Software related. I found that I enjoyed engineering the most!
  • Now, I work at Azure Networking, specifically in Azure Front Door which is Microsoft’s CDN offering!

I just enjoy chasing my curiosity and creating software, writing, and science are all means to that end. I enjoy writing about how I process life through the frameworks of science, statistics and probability that my training have lent me. In that pursuit, I’m extremely lucky to have found a life partner in Shilpa, who’s finishing her PhD in biology. We bond over science, food and comfort TV like New Girl and The Office.

Reach out to me on Twitter!