Protein folding & The AI 'Solution' : A primer for non-scientists

TLDR Just yesterday, Deepmind published a blog talking about how their AI, AlphaFold2, predicted protein structures in the biennial CASP challenge this year with stunning accuracy. There’s been a lot of buzz in the computational science community discussing the ramifications of their work. If you’ve seen the buzz and are curious about protein folding, read on… This post is supposed to capture the motivation and complexity of the problem for an audience familiar with STEM in some way.
8 min read

I build therefore I am!

What am I doing?! I have spent my time, since around 2016, rapidly changing ambitions, streams, career directions, roles, and the entire narrative around what I want to do with my life. I tried everything from being the contrarian who rejected the game of the system only to be a bar-stool philosopher, to an aspiring PhD candidate who would reject the evils of corporations to push the boundaries of what humans know, to a wide-eyed employee at a startup looking to make impact.
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